A Life In Writing...   

  Alan Devey was born the year punk broke and raised 
  on a council estate in North Hampshire. The son of a 
  former coal miner turned army lifer and a shorthand 
  typist, Alan was writing by the age of five, producing 
  a semi-legible comic book starring his new-born 
  brother. In his teens Alan wrote and programmed 
  two text-based adventures for the ZX Spectrum - 
  Teenage Emergency and The Dungeons of Maldread -  
  both of which were published by Zenobi 

  The first member of his family to attend university, while in higher education Alan co-edited and 
  wrote for the University of Plymouth magazine Rolle Up. After graduating he created the satirical 
  publication Home Defence with Christopher Perry, first as a fanzine and then online. Alan has 
  also contributed to the ‘Liar News’ series of comedy podcasts for Funny 404.

  Moving to London in 2001, Alan has lived in the city ever since, currently residing in Haringey. 
  With the help of Lulu and The London Press he self-published three novels in the 2000s. 
  These are WallfloweresqueThe Spirit of Nagasaki and Kicking Asbestos

  During the early 2010s Alan researched a biopic for the screen covering the life of serial 
  killer Roy Fontaine, the so-called Evil Butler. The first episode of this mini-series subsequently    
  made it through to the final 13% of scripts assessed as part of the BBC Script Room 12 for Drama 
  in 2017. Alan’s most recent novels include a coruscating exploration of modern sexual mores
  entitled Ten Thousand Vaginas and the campus comedy-cum-detective spoof 
  Borzois and Bevuardos (or 'Kiss That Steak Slice Goodbye'). 

  In 2015 Alan completed an MA in Creative Writing at London’s Metropolitan University, a 
  qualification that incorporated Scriptwriting and Feature Writing along with the prose. This 
  course also involved critiquing the work of others and positive feedback encouraged Alan to 
  undertake an intensive Script Reading course with Bang2Write in May 2016.

  The stories Alan wrote for his Masters are collected in
  Outside The Comfort Zone (right) which was released for the Kindle 
  in 2018, while the screenplay he completed (Passive-Aggressive) made 
  it through to the latter stages of the BBC Script Room 10 for Drama in 
  2016. Alan is a Committee Member of London Comedy Writers and all 
  six episodes of The Home Front, a sitcom series he writes with Tim 
  Williamson, have been performed and critiqued there - a first for the 

  In summer 2016 Alan began a Blog about writing and other matters 
  on alandevey.net, a site intended to showcase the various strands of his 
  work. In June Alan began presenting the music show Comes With Mp3s 
  on Radio Woking. 

  In late 2016 Alan published a novella about cryonics, being lost and the 
  search for immortality. You Don't Bury Survivors is available on Amazon for the Kindle while in    October 2017 Alan's short play about hopeless activists ('Wacktivists') was staged at London's  
  Colour House Theatre and described as "hilarious" in a review by Scatter Of Opinion.com. In
  2018 Alan finished his most recent screenplay, a romantic comedy set at the Ottery St. Mary
  fire festival entitled 'Flaming Barrels of Love' which was subsequently nominated as a 
  Finalist in The Golden Script Competition.

  Along with the projects featured on this site, Alan is currently working on a memoir of his
  working class upbringing, a dark novel about a divided nation and numerous scripts for film 
  and TV. To find out more, please visit the relevant page. If you're interested in contacting Alan
  about writing work, script reading or critiquing your prose, more information can be found at 
  the Services link.


Alan Devey
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