Flaming Barrels of Love
  ***Golden Script Competition 2018 Finalist***
***Top 50 Finalist - Your Script Produced! 2019***
***UK Film Festival Feature Script Competition 2018/19 - Final 50***

  A trip to Ottery St Mary in Devon for the annual barrel burning 
  festival turns into a romantic, comic odyssey. 

​  Steve returns to his home town for the yearly barrel burning 
  festival with his metropolitan fiancé Felicity in tow, but his 
  weekend is complicated by the appearance of an unrequited 
  teenage crush, slapstick adventures among old friends and 
  life-changing realisations, all set against the ever-present 
  danger of those flaming tar barrels.

  A romantic comedy set in the English county of Devon, 'Flaming 
  Barrels of Love' is based around the annual barrel burning 
  festival which takes place in the small town of Ottery St. Mary. 
  This feature is both a British take on the return-to-home-town 
  coming of age comedy, and a crowd-pleasing romance.

 Flaming Barrels of Love has been nominated as a finalist in the 2018 Golden Script Competition,
 reached the Final 50 of the 2019 UK Film Festival Feature Script Competition and was a Top 50
 Finalist in the 2019 Your Script Produced! competition.

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