Comes With MP3s - A Radio Show

  Comes with Mp3s is a weekly radio show going out every Saturday 
  from 6pm to 8pm on Radio Woking. Episodes are then made 
  available for catch-up on Mixcloud, free of charge.

  The show takes its name from the complimentary downloads 
  supplied with the purchase of a vinyl LP. Each week a different 
  enthusiast presents, with no playlist or rules. These are simply 
  people who like music, playing music that they like, and this is 
  what makes the show special. Comes with Mp3s is a place of discovery, two hours whereby a 
  presenter takes listeners on a tour of their record collection, leading to a uniquely eclectic 
  experience, every time. Whether or not your tastes align with that week’s DJ, over the course of 
  every show you will certainly hear something unfamiliar and interesting. From electronica to 
  Americana, indie rock to noise, hip-hip to soul, alt-country to post-rock; all musical life is here, 
  every Saturday evening.

  Alan Devey is one of the presenters on Comes With Mp3s. He believes that today, with all 
  recorded music just a click away, more than ever music lovers need real people to guide them
  through this blizzard of infinite choice. That’s where the show comes in; more effective than 
  algorhithmic recommendations or supposedly personalised marketing campaigns. In a digital 
  age when few of us have the time or energy to locate all the finest sounds available, we need 
  knowledgeable aficionados; men and women intent on exposing us to the best in new and 
  classic music. If that sounds like your kind of thing, give Comes With Mp3s a try.

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