The Bureau of Lost Things
  An Audio Sitcom / Podcast

  In a quiet corner of every town, down a street nobody cares about, 
  you’ll find a Bureau of Lost Things. Here a dedicated team strives to 
  reunite lost things with their careless owners. One such branch 
  nestles just inside the M25, where no-nonsense overseer Veronica 
  runs a tight ship; at least according to her (Head Office may disagree). 
  Now we follow eager new recruit Will, cynical con-artist Cara and 
  bureau lifer Raymond as, every episode, they grapple haplessly with 
  a fresh batch of things. And Veronica. 

  A slightly surreal audio sitcom, the first series of the Bureau of Lost Things is released in early 2021. 
  All scripts were sourced from regular attendees of the London Comedy Writers group while the 
  show is a Zugzwang Production for LCW, directed by Glenn Cooper, produced and co-written 
  by myself. 

  Bureau of Lost Things stars Michael Keane (Dr Who, The Play That Goes Wrong), Annette Flynn
  (Eastenders, Lost and Found), Nick Ewans (Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later) and Grace Morgan
  (Shuffle Play, Sketchley Park) with a host of special guest stars across the series.

  The Bureau of Lost Things is intended to be a comedy listening experience for all ages. However,
  Parental Guidance is recommended for younger children.

  To listen to episodes via Podbean or via an embedded media player HERE. Alternatively, see below for 
  the YouTube links. Bureau of Lost Things episodes can be listened to in any order - we endorse Shuffle

  Episode 1 - Make Mine Mink (Written by Glenn Cooper)

  The arrival of a mysterious mink coat makes life difficult for the team, especially when Cara takes 
  an ill-advised liking to the otherworldly object…

Alan Devey
Writer - Producer - Presenter

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Episode 2 - (Would You) Like a Virgin? (Written by Robin Bailes)

A regret-filled visitor arrives in search of his virginity, there is controversy over a lost umbrella and the team have to deal with a child, loose in the Bureau.