Beyond The Bailey
   An Alice Ravenhall Mystery

  A new murder mystery for 2023, published via Revolutionary Press,

  Alice Ravenhall is a Queen’s Counsel, one of the most respected 
  barristers in London and a successful prosecutor at the Old Bailey, 
  but her glittering career has come at a cost. Divorced and with a 
  newly empty nest, Alice finds herself disillusioned with a life 
  spent incarcerating criminals for the Crown. So when a judge 
  friend tips her off about the impending collapse of a murder trial, 
  Alice feels compelled to investigate. What she will uncover is a 
  twenty year-old secret and a web of betrayal that endangers more 
  lives. Now Alice must work out who to trust, confront a killer and 
  ensure her first attempt at pursuing justice outside the court-room 
  isn’t also her last.

  The first in a projected series of female sleuth-led crime novels, Beyond The Bailey is now available
  in paperback and e-book versions.

  From the reviews:

  "One part courtroom drama, one part whodunnit, one part relationship drama, Beyond the Bailey is
   full of twists and turns but also packed full of thoughtful writing and great characterisation."

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