Outside The Comfort Zone
  Tales from Austerity Britain

  A digital serf finds himself exploited by his 
  employers at a ‘cultural filter’ website.

  A celebrity publicist finds his past coming back to 
  haunt him in ways he could never have imagined.

  A taxi driver under extreme pressure experiences a 
  nervous breakdown mid-fare.

  Alan Devey’s first collection of short stories, Outside 
  The Comfort Zone is a set of despatches from the heart of contemporary Britain. In the wake 
  of the financial crash, this is a place of insecure work, desperate poverty, civil unrest, 
  looming technological threat and an ongoing housing crisis.

  Like the films of Ken Loach or the world depicted by Sleaford Mods, these tales track the lost    
  and dispossessed of Austerity Britain. We meet men and women who find themselves at risk in 
  the most extreme of circumstances, from a suburban job centre to a garage of hapless 
  child-men, from backstage with a rock star to a council flat annexed by criminals, from the 
  serial killer who draws in the bored and listless to the uncertain life of immigrants and 
  their children. 

  All of them are forced out of their comfort zones in a collection that 
  encompasses life and death, dignity and failure, uphill struggles and 
  sudden redemption. These are characters left behind by our unequal 
  society or still trying to ride its wave before being undone. This is life
  in the 21st century as told by someone who is unafraid of delving into 
  his country’s ugly side.

  Read more about the background to this collection on my blog.

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