A Trio of Inept Activists Struggle to Change the 

  Join ditzy weekend campaigner Lizzie, ruling class 
  stooge turned revolutionary Torquil and the 
  competitive but genteel Fiona as they attempt to 
  make the UK a better place through poorly-planned 
  protests, online virtue signalling and handcuffing 
  themselves to waterborne vessels.

  Envisaged as a multi-part web series somewhere 
  between 'Citizen Smith' and 'People Just Do Nothing', 
  Wacktivists puts the 'woke' back into contemporary 
  sitcoms. The first installment was staged at London's 
  Colour House Theatre in October 2017 and described as "hilarious" and "wickedly funny 
  and warm" in a review for Scatter of Opinion. On the night it showcased the combined 
  talents of performers Gabrielle FernieJamie Laird and Beth Granville (all pictured above).

  Additional episodes of 10-15 minutes are currently being developed with the assistance of   
  the London Comedy Writers group.

  To request further information or a sample script please 
  email: [email protected]

Alan Devey
Writer - Producer - Presenter

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