You Don't Bury Survivors
  A Cautionary Tale About Cryonics, the Search For 
   Immortality and Being Lost...

  Chris Bennett is only in his early twenties but old enough to have 
  undergone heartbreak and loss. Looking to leave his bleak 
  experience of England behind, Chris accepts a low-level role at 
  the Fisher Foundation, a cutting edge Life Extension Facility 
  located in the southern United States.

  ‘You Don’t Bury Survivors’ takes the form of his fictional diary as 
  Chris embarks on this new life working for reclusive billionaire 
  Sheldon Fisher. In it Chris describes his encounters with the 
  facility’s cutting edge experimentation, from wonder drugs to 
  anti-aging hormones to the body-freezing technology of cryonics.

  As Chris develops friendships across the corporation’s cult-like atmosphere he 
  is confronted by untrustworthy colleagues, professional jealousy and the 
  potential for new romance. But has Chris travelled around the world only to 
  discover his character inevitably shapes a terrible destiny? 

  You Don't Bury Survivors is now available for the Kindle, e-reader or other 

  Here are a selection of comments from the Amazon reviews:

  “If you like Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror TV series, you'll love this”

  “Understated and subtle depiction of regular, relatable characters thrust 
  into unusual situations”

 “What seems to be a love story and a story of identity and belonging in a 
  new country, soon spirals into something more chilling. Easy to read, and 
  perfect length”

  “Extremely evocative… excellent read”

  “An enjoyably compelling read which is as much about grief and alienation 
  as it is concerned with artificial attempts to prolong life. I have my fingers 
  crossed for a sequel!”

  “Full of knowledge, dry humour and suspense”

  “Part techno-thriller which packs a real emotional punch”

  “An excellent, thoughtful work, eminently enjoyable to read and 
  thought provoking”

Alan Devey
Writer - Producer - Presenter

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