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  Home Defence was created in 1999 by Alan Devey 
  and Christopher Perry, initially as a homemade 
  fanzine. The hard copy version was short-lived, but 
  the concept of a ‘paranoia and lifestyle’ magazine 
  survived and moved online in 2003 where it has 
  resided ever since. Our concept originated in the 
  realisation there was little similar to The Onion 
  in the UK of the time; nothing focussed on ‘long-
  form satire’ around a prevailing political climate.

  The ideas underpinning HDUK were inspired by the comedy routines of Bill Hicks as well as 
  Adam Curtis’ ‘The Power of Nightmares’ documentary series. In short, the two creators believe 
  politicians and the media have a vested interest in keeping people scared, and that a specific 
  agenda is constantly being pushed. This enforced reasoning is aimed at retaining support for 
  the established order, but their tenets actually have little basis in reality. 

  Because now more than ever citizens are subject to exaggeration and scaremongering, 
  particularly when it comes to the ‘terrorist threat’. At Home Defence, we remind readers a 
  British citizen is more likely to be trampled under a cow than killed by someone in support of 
  a violent ideology.

  Over the years Home Defence has retained its ironic stance and rudimentary layout while 
  being open to encompassing new areas like the foodie fad, Unwellness Gurus, sporting 
  investigations, outlandish hobbies, travel drinking and obsessive gamers. Contributors down 
  the years have included the BAFTA-winning creator of ‘So Awkward’ Julie Bower, journalist and 
  fiction writer Mark Piggott and ‘Not The Booker’ nominee AJ Kirby.

  Thanks to editor Al Likilla and erstwhile inspiration Clint Panzerdivision (the creators’ nom de 
  guerres) Home Defence continued to cast its eye over the contemporary political scene through 
  regular, bi-monthly updates up until late 2016 when other creative priorities and the insane speed 
  of a relentless news cycle stopped it from continuing to be viable. Still, 17 years is a pretty good run! 

  Here are a few of our more popular stories from the final months of the site being active: 

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