The Home Front - A Sitcom

  A dark, antic, slightly surreal, contemporary 
  comedy for television, ‘The Home Front’ is a 
  workplace sitcom set in an on-site Housing 
  Association office, located within the fictional 
  London Borough of Kilforth

  In each episode we join beleaguered Housing 
  Officer Simon (29), aging hedonist and Housing 
  Support Worker Andre (42, acts half that) and 
  their boss, no-nonsense Neighbourhood Manager Maxine (late 40s). The trio attempt to deal with
  residents’ problems, resolve their chaotic personal lives and fend off a memorable supporting
  cast including eager local reporter Alexandra, management representative Damian and Tony
  Lennon, over-friendly manager of estate pub ‘The Blitz Spirit’. 

  In the pilot Simon, Maxine and Andre must babysit the local MP who makes a surprise visit to
  inspect the accommodation. Meanwhile an unexpected squatter arrives to menace the tenants.

  The Home Front is written by Alan Devey and Tim Williamson. Between them, the pair have far 
  too many years experience, either working for Housing Associations or living on council estates.
  The 'HousingCon' Episode of The Home Front made it through to the latter stages of the 2017 
  BBC Comedy Script Room while the pilot episode was an official selection and subsequently 
  a semi-finalist under the COMEDY PILOT / WEBSERIES SCREENPLAY 
  category in the December 2020 LIT Laughs International Comedy 
  Film Festival.

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Alan Devey
Writer - Producer - Presenter

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