The Gestalt Switch

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   A speculative fiction concerning delusion, propaganda, 
   polarisation and the identities we cling to....  

   In 2023 it is seven years since the referendum and the prospect 
   of leaving the European Union feels as far away as ever. Across 
   the UK the ideologies of the opposing sides have hardened, with 
   those media-labelled ‘Positives’ who voted Yes to leaving clashing 
   with civilians dismissed as ‘Negative’ because they said No in 

   Now a ‘Party for Change’ has come to power, promising to deliver Brexit whatever the cost.           Boosted by this supposed progress toward the restoration of sovereignty, fresh optimism  
   pervades proud Englishmen like 68 year-old Ian Freeman. Ian is inspired to start a diary, 
   intending to record his nation’s emancipation alongside the travails of an ailment-ridden man 
   with a problematic family life in a typical suburban town. 

   But when a newly-installed populist is apparently targeted by ‘Negative terrorists’ a 
   nationwide crackdown on pro-EU sentiment gets underway. Now Ian finds himself embroiled
   with state-backed ‘Local Action Groups’; undertaking the government’s dirty work for them 
   to turn neighbour against neighbour. Meanwhile, in the far future, Ian's lost manuscript is 
   recovered by a marginalised US academic who is not what he seems... 

   A speculative fiction close enough to real events to be horribly plausible, ‘The Gestalt Switch’
   explores how propaganda can convince a prosperous country to embrace intolerance and mass

   The new novel from Alan Devey is equally inspired by Nabokov’s ‘Pale Fire’, 
   Orwell’s ‘1984’, the rise and fall of the UK Independence Party and Philip 
   Gourevitch’s peerless work on the Rwandan genocide ‘We Wish To Inform You 
   That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families’. It is available for e-reader, 
   tablet, phone or other device with the free app here. The paperback version can 
   be ordered here.

    From the online reviews:

   "Words like terrifying and prescient spring to mind when you read this timely 
   tome. Devey’s novel is funny, tragic, and illuminating in equal measure."

  "a well-crafted epistolary take on a bleak post-Brexit near-future, couldn’t be 
   more timely or relevant."

   "This is the true test of a dystopic novel. Can it creep into your current life and create fear, 
    can it make you look around and question the future? The Gestalt Switch does this well."

    "an enjoyable, thought-provoking and compelling read"

​   "A horribly prescient portrait of a divided country slowly sliding into the abyss."

Alan Devey
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